Dart pro almost loses match due to video game

james wadeIf you’ve ever seen any of the darts competition on ESPN, it’s a marvel how the pros can pinpoint their throws so accurately in such tight hit patterns.

James Wade, a professional dart competitor wasn’t doing so well in his second round at the PDC World Darts Championship and complained about having a stiff back and shoulder problems.

He finally won, but with a lot of effort against a less than able opponent who scattered his darts as if he were shooting them out of a shotgun.

Wade racked his brain on what could have caused his painful condition and thought back to the day before–what did he do the previous 24 hours to have caused his injuries? Was it an alien abduction? Did he get mugged in his sleep? Maybe he did some sleepwalking and accidentally fell down the stairs?

To all these, the answer was no. But what he did remember was that he received a Nintendo Wii for Christmas and had been wildly swinging away at a virtual opponent in the boxing game of Wii Sports. Upon further reflection, he knew that the Wii had almost cost him the win.


It looks like Mr. Wade is going to have to pick himself up an Xbox 360 or PS3 if he wants to continue his dart career…or give up playing the Wii.

[via telegraphUK]


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