Defense Dept. robot tank run by Xbox controller

crusherThe Pentagon has developed a new unmanned robot vehicle that will be used in reconnaissance or support missions. The device is called the "Crusher" and tips the scales at almost 14,000 pounds.

So what does this have to do with gaming? The punch line is that an Xbox 360 controller is operating some of the functions for the big rolling tank such as camera direction and firing weapons.

The vehicle is driven remotely by using common game controller racing steering wheels while onboard data is transmitted to a modified iPhone.

The name "Crusher" is aptly named as the tank will be able to break through buildings or literally crush its way over objects. With its onboard cameras, it will act as a scout as well.

Dan Tascione, a researcher on the Crusher project said the video game controllers were quickly adapted by the soldiers in operating a 7 ton vehicle. "It really didn’t take much work. These things are great. And all of the soldiers know how to use one." For a video of the Crusher in action, click here.

Since the Crusher uses an Xbox 360 controller to remotely operate the device, Welby joked and said soldiers "could finally put those ‘Halo’ skills to good use."


[via starsandstripes]


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