Details on Battlefield Heroes revealed

battlefieldheroesAll of you dug Battlefield Heroes, an upcoming free to play, cartoon-styled shooter from EA, right? If the announcement made you drool, here are some more gameplay details, courtesy of the first developer’s blog entry on the game’s official site.

The first blog was penned by Ben Cousins, senior producer on Battlefield Heroes. Apparently discussion began in early 2007 when Sean Decker, executive producer on the Battlefield franchise, examined the games industry in South Korea and its emphasis on small, easy to play games that are supported by micro-transactions. So EA’s response is Battlefield Heroes!

So far, here are some details:

1. Based on the BF2142 engine
2. Low system requirements, "graphics and machine specs are cut down"
3. Simplified gameplay
4. Matchmaking service
5. Auto Patching
6. Easier introduction into gameplay
7. More RPG elements introduced

Cousins ends the blog by saying Battlefield Heroes will "return to the crazy unrealistic feel of Battlefield 1942 and Codename Eagle, games which we had both been fans of," and that "we wanted to make sure that players could ‘get to the fun’ easier this time – faster, cheaper and easier."


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