Deus Ex 3 to use Tomb Raider engine

deusexlogoHot off the announcement of Deus Ex 3, Developmag snagged an interview with Eidos’ Montreal studio head Stephane D’Astous. He revealed some preliminary details for the game.

First, Deus Ex 3 will utilize Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider engine, which was most recently used in Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Presumably the engine will be modified to suit a first-person view instead of a third-person view, along with general visual enhancements.

"We chose the Crystal engine because we plan to help develop this engine more and then share it back with the rest of the company, the other Eidos studios. Having that technology from the start gives us a great advantage and foundation for our coders – there are no doubts about the approach, and we have few uncertainties."

In regards to Eidos Montreal solely focusing on reimagining existing game IPs, D’Astous laid out the studio’s game plan; the first project is Deus Ex 3, the next project, starting next year, will be based on an existing IP and the last project will be an original IP.

"So we have a good three step process that not only helps grow the studio but lead towards original IP. I’m really happy with the plan. We’re ahead of schedule too."

Lastly, if people are a bit skeptical for a new studio to handle Deus Ex 3, D’Astous pointed fingers to the magic Crystal Dynamics did in Tomb Raider: Legend. He said that Eidos is going to focus on bringing back older franchises.

"Montreal is being seen as a great spot to give new life to these franchises. Our first challenge is a major one in Deus Ex – but if the company doesn’t do anything with these franchises people will eventually forget they existed."


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