Diablo III director ‘very sorry’ for Facebook comment

Diablo III's game director is "very sorry" for a comment made on Facebook.

Diablo III Game Director Jay Wilson has come out with a public apology in regards to an offensive comment the developer made on Facebook in response to Blizzard North co-founder David Brevik’s “mixed emotions” on the game.

Interviewed by IncGamers last week, Brevik stated criticisms he had on the third installment of the series that his now shuttered studio had started. Upon seeing the interview via a link shared and discussed about on Facebook by Diablo III devs, Wilson responded with, “F*@k that loser.” He has since made an about face in a lengthy apology on the Battle.net forums, posted earlier today.

“As many of you probably know, I recently made a comment on Facebook about Dave Brevik,” said Wilson. “I want to make it clear that I am very sorry for what I said. I have higher expectations for myself than to express my feelings in such a rash way and disrespect a fellow developer like Dave, someone who deserves to be treated with greater respect.”

The director then claimed that the comment was made out of anger and in defense of the Diablo III team. His post later acknowledged some of the very flaws both fans and Brevik have called out regarding the game, expressing his hopes that Patch 1.0.4 will be the first step in solving them.

“Saying that, I’d like to apologize to all of you, the players in our community,” Wilson stated in his conclusion. “You deserve better than my reaction to Dave’s comments. You deserve more honest communication about the game and what we’re doing to make it a more awesome experience for us all.”

Among the issues he discussed were the game’s real-money auction house, disappointing endgame, and difficulty issues. The full apology can be found and read through the source link.

Are any of you disappointed in Diablo III because of these problems? Will you come back if they are fixed? Do you believe Wilson deserves forgiveness? Sound off below in the comments section.



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