DICE: Bad Company 2 DLC not pre-determined, but dictated by players

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

In GamerNode’s interview with DICE’s senior producer Patrick Bach last Friday, he revealed the company strategy for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC, dispelling any possible suspicions that downloadable content is somehow pre-determined or held back from gamers in order to make a profit. Instead, DICE plans to use DLC as a way to give players more of what they like about the game as those preferences begin to become apparent.

"We see it as an opportunity to give players more of what they like in the future. Sometimes I get the feeling that people think that we’re not giving them a full product at launch, that you take things out and you sell that later to get more money out of the consumer. I can promise you, if you look at Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as a base project, it’s actually huge. It’s bigger than most games out there, I would argue.

So we see the downloadable content, the possibility to add stuff post-launch, as an opportunity not only for us, but for the consumers to tell us what they need. ‘We love your game and we like THIS. Can you give us more of THIS feature or more maps like THIS.’ So instead of trying to guess, we think this is a good way of getting proper feedback from the consumers and presenting them with more options and more ways to play the game."

So it looks like DICE is committed to the company’s fans and really making Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a great experience for fans, both before and after release. Bach even mentioned the possibility of multiplayer content with a World War II theme… if players want it. (Have we not had enough WWII yet?)

No matter what fans want later, though, according to Bach they’ll definitly be getting something "huge" when the game hits shelves tomorrow.


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