DMC4 20-minute installation time shocks PS3 gamers

stopwatchConsole gamers have traditionally expected relatively fast load times as far as their games are concerned. But this has also spoiled them to a certain extent. If loading screens take more than 20 seconds, console gamers start to get antsy and wonder if the game is broken.

But that 20 second wait is nothing compared to the 22- 25-minute wait to install Devil May Cry 4 onto their PS3s.

The reason for the apparent slow load is due to the various installation files put onto the PS3’s hard drive. After the installation is finished, the entire game access routine will virtually be instantaneous as you breeze through various cut-scenes and levels.

The upside of the long installation time is that gamers will be treated to various screenshots of the previous Devil May Cry games. This serves as a recap of what has happened previously in the franchise.

For PC gamers, these sorts of installation times are a walk in the park. If anything, they would say to console gamers "Welcome to our world."



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