Donde esta Sambe de Amigo? El Wii.

SambaDo you like monkeys? Check. Do you like shaking maracas and rocking out with an over-bite? Check. Do you like Mexican culture? Check. Well, it may be a dream come true pretty soon: Gearbox is rumored to be releasing Samba de Amigo on the Wii.

Maybe you’re like my friend Matt and games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are a little too complicated for you. Well then, you’re in luck because all that’s needed in this game is the ability to shake your little hands in a back and fourth motion (Rock out over-bite is optional).

The original Sambe de Amigo utilized a pair of $80 maracas that were motion and height sensitive. Naturally, the Wii-motes will be able to replace the maracas and will save you the all important cash.

Just when you thought you couldn’t look any stupider in your living room with your Wii-mote, developers find a way.

Well time to close the drapes.

via shacknews


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