Done! Castle Crashers finished, on XBLA by 2009

Castle Crashers My most favoritest developer blog, The Castle Crashers Development Blog of Love, has announced that the long awaited XBLA game Castle Crashers is indeed complete. The game, originally announced in 2006, looks to be reminiscent of the sidescrolling beat em ups like Turtles In Time, and River City Ransom…only with knights, and really cool art.

The Development Blog of Love says that the game is done and it is off to Microsoft certification where it will take "a couple months at the very least from this point." Knowing what little I do about the actual cert process it could be more than a couple of months. If MS doesn’t like what they see it could be more than six months, and that brings us into good old 2009.

Dan Paladin was appreciative of the fanbase through this long development saying, "I (and the rest of the team I am certain) want to thank you all for the patience you have shown as we worked on this project. We too were anxious for the game to be finished – but we just could not rush and end up risking the quality! … We are STILL MAKING UPDATES to this devblog! We will still be showing characters, animal orbs, videos, weapons, and other updates as usual, so don’t think we’re wrapping this up!"

So sit tight everyone, with your continued patience you will have Castle Crashers in all its cute beat em up glory.


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