Doom director to direct next Street Fighter film

streetfighterfilmFinally, after eight months, more information has been revealed about the next Street Fighter film. Wait, you didn’t even want another one in the first place? Too bad, Hyde Park Entertainment and Capcom are way ahead of you.

The next Street fighter film, currently titled as Street Fighter, will be directed by Doom director Andrzej Bartkowiak.

So, that’s right, the Doom director is going to direct the next Street Fighter film?! Well, despite its flaws (come on, it’s a movie about Doom and the last epic battle was a fist fight?!), Doom was still semi-enjoyable. Also the movie wasn’t a financial failure — it made around $86 million, and that’s not counting DVD sales either.

Production will begin early next year and Fox will distribute the film. As of writing, the only plot details known are that it’ll focus on Chun Li and "her journey to justice."

In the meantime, who do you folks think should play Chun Li?


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