Dragon Age flash game being developed


EA has announced that the company is developing a browser-based flash game titled Dragon Age Journeys, a collaboration between EA 2D and BioWare. EA 2D is a flash game development house that focuses on browser games. The game will be a "3 chapter, single player, tactical RPG," with the first part being titled, Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Roads.

"The game will introduce you to the dwarven city of Orzammar and the Deep Roads surrounding it where the dwarves face a persistent threat from the darkspawn hordes."

EA 2D has worked with BioWare to feature character classes, talent trees, and other assets from Dragon Age: Origins and also has received feedback from BioWare founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk. 

No word on the game’s release date or whether it takes place before or after the main game, but we’ll keep our eye on it. We know one thing though: there is no stopping the Dragon Age marketing train.



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