DualShock 3 is available. But there's another shock…

ds3 blurryIf you were one of the many PS3 fans who cried about not having rumble in your SixAxis PS3 controller, you have something to be happy about…maybe.

Sony’s DualShock 3 controller is now available for sale and it also has something else that will shock you as well…its $55 price tag which makes it the most expensive single standard game controller out there. (See my top 10 reasons why the DS3 costs so dang much.)

Right now, it seems that the DS3 will be compatible with virtually every PS3 game. Sony has an official list of the games that will work on their site. Some PS3 games will get their compatibility via game updates from PlayStation Network.

Sony lost a major lawsuit to Immersion Corp. over a patent infringement of the rumble technology used in PlayStation DualShock controllers. Immersion claimed that the rumble feature was stolen from them and sued for damages and back royalties. Sony lost and was ordered to pay $97.2 million to Immersion, plus ongoing royalties for using the tech in its controllers.

Now, you have one guess as to why the DualShock 3 controller for the PS3 is so expensive. Did you say "lawsuit payments?"

That would be our guess too.

[via i4u.com]


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