Duke Nukem Forever going multiplatform?

dukeOK, now that we’ve all seen the Duke Nukem Forever teaser and have soiled our shorts, the next announcement from 3D Realms is that DNF may be released on multiple platforms.

The original thinking was that Duke’s long awaited return would be just for the PC, but this may change, according to 3D Realms CEO, Scott Miller.

He said, "We plan to have a multi-platform release if possible. We’re not nailing down a date yet, but we’re excited about the game’s progress."

Did you hear what Miller said? He used the term, "if possible" in the multiplatform statement. Well, a little hope is better than nothing and considering the lengthy process of 3D Realms just getting the PC version out, it’s probably doubtful that they can even release it on multiplatforms.

Remember, Miller also said, "we’re not nailing down a date yet." Everyone ready for another 10 year wait?

[via MCVUK]


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