E3 '06: The Wall Preview

GamerNode scored a meeting during E3 with Play Ten Interactive covering their post-apocalyptic FPS, The Wall.

The Wall is an ambitious shooter set in a world 300 years subsequent to a catastrophic event. The engine for the game is an advanced version of the two-year-in-development engine that also powers Play Ten’s Precursors project. The game was on display at the GDC earlier this year, but E3 marked the first chance for media to get an in-depth look.

A talk with development team member Michael Hergsal revealed the immense ambition of the development team. According to Hergsal, he had to keep drives in check by asking "Do you want the game to be published this century?"

Examining the title, it’s easy to see where ideas might have to be reeled in. The story revolves around the political battle between three of Earth’s post-apocalyptic factions – The Church, which wishes to reinstate Paradise on Earth, the Separatist environmentalists, who live underwater and desire a more natural state of being, and the fascist Government forces.

The player takes the role of a mysterious hero whose allegiances are somewhat murky. His weapons are customizable, and are generally quite interesting. The weapon models are based on present-day weaponry, but with stylistic changes and flourishes that add visual interest to the models, plus substantive changes that add functionality to each weapon. Guns and swords are on the menu, combat-wise, but expect for special weapons to be mixed into levels. The hero also will learn new abilities as players progress through the story.

There are 22 missions in the game – though it is still unclear how many are main story missions and which are "secret" missions woven into the game. The game is still in the very early stages of development – a playable alpha was revealed to be six to eight months away.

The Wall will debut on the PC for sure, but developers are in talks with Microsoft to bring the title to the Xbox 360. No release date has been announced, but expect a Q1 2008 release.


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