E3 '07 One Year Later

one year later If anyone gets the chance, the guys over at MTV Multiplayer are doing a great "one year later" series as they gear up for E3 this year.  You can read about Sony and Nintendo announcements from last year and compare that to what has / has not happened for each of the big 3.  It’s really interesting how much you forget in a year.  Like Unreal Tournament being a console exclusive on the PS3.  Whoops, that game drops today for the Xbox 360.  Also, inFAMOUS was announced last year but is only now getting the press from Game Informer.

My favorite part of E3 has always been picking out the stuff you know won’t come to fruition.  Traditionally Sony is the worst in this category. Remember 2 HDMI ports on the PS3? And Home? Maybe we’ll get a release date this year.  Or maybe we’ll just have to wait until after Killzone 2 drops.  It’s due out in February, hell of a wait for something teased before the console launched.

All in all it’s a good read; Totilo and those guys always do a great job.  They also talk about what could be announced/discussed at this years E3.  They hit all the basics — things we already know for certain are coming out — and leave lots of room for speculation.

If we’re going to be speculating though, I’d like to share two games I’m really hoping will get shown at this years E3.  From Sony I’d love to see more from LA Noire. Just thinking about that trailer makes me want to play it.  And from Nintendo I’d like to see another Zelda.  I know we already saw one this hardware cycle, but let’s be honest, it was a GameCube game.  It was due out on the GameCube, and then it launched on the Wii. I want a true Wii Zelda.


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