E3 '08 Day 1

Monday in Los Angeles turned out to be a rather uneventful day for me and the other GN staff here for this year’s E3 Media and Business Summit.

Dave picked me up from Lake Forest around 10:40 in the morning to head up to LA, stopping to buy a printer so that we could hand over a hardcopy of our E3 registration confirmations once we got there. The GPS screwed up our directions to the hotel and sent us on a brief detour before directing us to the super-snazzy Comfort Inn City Center Hotel.

We went to grab Brendon from the airport, where good old Alaska Airlines had delivered him on time, with ipod and luggage in tow. I relinquished my front seat position at this point, partly because Brendon is bigger than me and partly because Dave’s driving had me sh*tting kittens. I figured the back seat would provide some cover.

There was only one event for us to attend today, thanks to Microsoft’s decision that we weren’t press-y enough to be invited to the cool kids club. That’s funny, because I distinctly remember Brendon attending that conference last year. Hmmm. We also ended up spending lots of time getting some email confirmations printed so that we could get our badges for the show. When we arrived at the Convention Center, they proceeded to tell us that they only needed a photo ID. It’s a good thing Dave bought a new printer specifically for that purpose. :-/

We went to buy some food and even though Brendon was certain that no hotel room could ever be without a fridge and microwave, Dave assured him that ours had neither. I hadn’t really paid any attention, and was more interested in eating the entire loaf of French bread that I bought… in the store.

We made it back to the room with our dry goods, and lo, a fridge and microwave were tucked neatly into the cabinetry there. Good call.

Back to the LACC we went for the Into The Pixel exhibition and E3 Reception, where food was plentiful (fruit, cheese, crackers, and pretzels, anyway), and art was…glare-producing. I snapped some shots of the artwork for my little photojournal of the gallery, and listened to the rather unexciting introduction to the event and artwork. 

We headed back to the hotel, did a little work, and then embarked on a journey over to the Food 4 Less to pick up some perishable food items to stock our fridge. Dave and Brendon ate some Mickey D’s on the way back, where I felt compelled to read the nutrition facts of every item I heard being ordered the whole time we were there. Let me tell you, a double quarter pounder with cheese and its 740 calories would go a long way for someone in dire need of sustenance.

Anyway, we made it back to the room, where we are all lazily typing away at random tasks on our laptops as we await Kyle’s arrival around 1:30am. Here’s what your GN staff is looking like at the moment:

GamerNode @ E3
Brendon asking me if I enjoyed taking pictures of him in bed.


GamerNode @ E3
Dave just showed me one of his fingers…


GamerNode @ E3
I’m hard at work…


GamerNode @ E3
Dave about two minutes after the previous picture of him.


Maybe Dave has the right idea. See you all tomorrow!


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