E3 2008: ibb and obb Hands-On Preview

How does the idea of a two-player-only game sound? Excellent? Then you’d agree with Richard Boeser, sole creator of ibb & obb where the vibrant minimal aesthetics reflect the simple game concept of moving from point A to point B without dying.

Of course that’s not the entirety of how the game operates. Player 1 and Player 2 control the seemingly identical blob-like creatures ibb and obb, distinguished by color and a minimal difference in height, and in age-old left-to-right plumber fashion, try and reach the end of the level without getting your goofy whimsical asses killed by the spikey black balls who may or may not just be going about their business. Killing the balls yields white stars that are added upon level completion and act as an indicator of a player’s skill. There are no difficulty levels, just stars. Complete a level fast and you’ll be rewarded with bonus stars before the finish.

While getting some hands-on time with the indie title, Boeser himself explained the game’s two-player mechanic and how communication is integral to the experience. Since two people need to quickly help each other reach greater heights to progress, kill enemies, or access hidden items, how they come to the conclusion about doing so is three-quarters of the fun. As we were playing, Boeser expressed a bit of frustration with some players’ desire for a single-player mode saying that even if he replaced one character with excellent artificial intelligence, the intended experience would be lost. After repeatedly playing the same level with the game’s creator, I can assure you his intentions to keep it two-player-only are not misplaced. ibb & obb is definitely one to watch with your indie eye.


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