E3 2013: Cops called on Ouya

The LAPD pays Ouya a visit

The LAPD showed up to Ouya’s public outdoor exhibit in the parking lot across the street from E3 2013 yesterday in an attempt to shut the crowd-funded console’s presence down.

Ouya founder Julie Uhrman claimed that the police visit was another attempt by the Electronic Software Association, the organization that runs E3, to hinder Ouya’s efforts so close to the Los Angeles Convention Center, which plays host to trade show. Earlier that day at 9 AM PST, the ESA allegedly rented out the spaces in front of the Ouya display and parked semi-trucks in them. According to Uhrman, the move was intended to visually block Ouya’s presence from those entering and exiting the convention center.

In order to fight the subtle censorship, the Ouya team then rented out spaces in front of the semi-trucks and draped Ouya banners in them. This was when, as Uhrman claimed, the ESA responded by calling the police.

When the LAPD showed up, the officers asked if Ouya’s representatives had all of the company’s permits in order. Once it was determined they did, the cops were left with no other option than to leave without taking any further action.

These moves by the ESA, Uhrman believed, is in response to Ouya’s decision to attend E3 under its own rules by not setting up inside the LACC and going through the rigmarole that entails. The company fully intends to be back in the lot for today’s events and plans to increase the presence of its street team. Uhrman reached out to the ESA in an attempt to settle the dispute, but as of the time of publishing she has not heard back.

When Urhman was asked how she’ll respond if the ESA continues to pressure Ouya, she responded, “If ten more trucks show up, we’ll come up with another idea. I have a few up my sleeve.”



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