E3 – Car's First Impressions

Cars, the latest digitally animated film from Pixar, is seeing a release onthe Xbox with the help ofTHQ game studios. So what kind of genre will this game fall in to? Action? Perhaps a role-playing game? We thought hard on this and really considered that Cars will be a racing game. Soon after visiting THQ,s Cars display booth, we realized that what we though was, indeed, correct.

Cars is a very lackluster platform racer. It is everything you would come to expect and nothing more. You basically get the chance to drive one of the car characters from the movie. Each car has his or her own attributes when it comes to speed, handling and acceleration. They also have their own unique voices that associate to the character voices from the film, and cartoon-ish tracks that surely allude to locations seen in the film.

3, 2, 1, GO! As I raced down the track as Speed McQueen , the red car in the movie, I immediately got a feel for the game physics. Though the cars our wobbly and relatively non-responsive, they help the game seize the humor that likely makes the film so unique. Speed McQueenwas a bit wobbly, as the red car,s weight shifted from left to right, almost as if the player is drunk and unable to keep in a straight line. I swear, though, that I had consumed no alcoholic beverages beforehand.

Like I hinted to earlier, this racer introducing nothing special the the genre. You have the option of giving it gas, braking, hand braking, and boosting. Usually the boost feature in other games incorporates some nice special effects and sounds. In reference to Cars, the boost feature carries nothing with it besides the car wobbling twice as fast and making rude comments to the other cars that were just overtaken. More information and a longer demo will no doubt become available as the game’s release nears.


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