E3 – Metal Gear Solid Trailer

Playing today at E3 was a new and extended trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. All reports claim this is in-game footage, although it,s hard to believe, if you,ve seen the existing trailer.

The trailer begins with yet more footage of Snake looking more old and tired than ever, this guy has got to be like 70 years old and there is a lot of emphasis on his looking beaten and tired. From what we could gather from the subtitled dialogue, America,s military force has become a shadow of what it once was and is threatened by a company called “Outer Heaven”.

Returning to the lineup are severely aged versions of Snake, the Colonel, Liquid Ocelot, all still up to their ‘old, antics (zing! A pun). But following this are a couple spoilers or at least dramatic twists that you may not be aware of. Super-fans, turn away now.

Snake is badly scarred and depressed, and during a particularly poignant scene puts the business end of a gun in his mouth and appears to be questioning the point of going on living. It cuts away before anything is determined (of course). For the final action packed scene, a masked ninja takes out several burly mechs with a series of acrobatically executed killing moves. The masked ninja reveals himself after a mind-blowing performance to be the current-day return of Raiden, apparently better with age.

So yes, Raiden,s back, Snake is threatened by death via disease, combat, suicide, and unknown forces. What will happen next? We,ll find out when the PS3 launches and MGS4 makes its way to us.


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