E3: Mitch's Wii Adventure

Arriving an hour before the doors opened to E3, I was prepped and determined to get a hands-on with Nintendo’s new console. After throwing a few elbows I was able to muscle my way towards the front of the massive crowd that was there. Patiently I awaited for the doors to swing open, longer and longer, until the minuites had come to a crawl. A cold sweat began to drip down my brow, my eyes never waivering in their stony gaze at the clock on the wall. Finally the doors swung open and the mad rush began.After all of the kicking, punching, and straight up brawls that took place, I was able to make it to the line. After circling the entire West hall looking for an entry point into the mass of sweaty human flesh, I was able to find my place. Even after arriving an hour early to the event the line was still an amazing two hours long, and shortly thereafter spanned across the entire hall to the point where it was difficult to see where the line began and where it ended. All of that time waiting gave me time to think and reflect upon some actions that I’m not proud of (I didn’t mean to permanantely injure that mime, I swear). As I neared the entrance to the enclosed booth of the Wii my patinece began to dwindle and it was getting more and more difficult to contain the excitement. Along the way I had the opportunity to converse with the voice of everyone’s favorite fat, mushroom eating plumber, Mario, via some creepy camera system Nintendo had set in place. Nevertheless, I talked it up with the man and it helped the time pass – well, at least until the line moved again.Thirty minuites later I had finnally arrived, I neared the entrance and was next in line to enter into the world of Nintendo. The guard lifted the rope and let me in; as I walked forward I stood in complete and utter awe as I was treated to a sensory overloading array of colors, lights, sounds, and babes (mmm, babes). Proceeding further into depths of the booth, I couldn’t lift my jaw off the floor. At least until security made me because I was scaring the booth babes. To my left were two men pounding it out on the drums using two of the Wii’s controllers, it was amazing to see and the responsivness of the controllers were amazing, not a single bit of delay. It was at this point where my mind nearly melted and poured out of my ear.Not only did Nintendo have a massive amount of demo stands set up but there were also living room simulators where anyone lucky enough to get their name on the list was treated to a comfy chair, a beautiful 50" plasma television and Dolby 5.1 surround sound system to enjoy the games. It took some hardcore mingling but I was finally able to get my name down on one of these lists and fifty minuites later I was able to enjoy Metroid Prime 3 the way it should be enjoyed. My first thought after holding the controller in my hand revolved around how insanely comfortable and light it was, any doubts that I have had going into the booth instantly vanished as the demo started up and I began playing the game. The controller was responsive, and felt more than perfect; Nintendo had done this right.Once I regained consciousness from the shock that had been induced from the amount of fun I had, I got in line for a small target range demo that showcased more of the controllers capabilities. The line moved quickly and my chance to play came rather soon. It was a short two player demo that had targets to shoot, and even had a nice throw back to the NES classic Duck Hunt, with the clay pidgeons and ducks.After owning my opponent, I quickly turned around and got in line for a tennis demo. Once again the line moved rather quickly and I wrapped my hands around the sexy Wiimote yet again. The tennis game was a short simple demo, which was just there so people could get a feel of just what this controller can do. The character on screen would automatically move to the ball and to swing the racket once the controller was utilized. For such a simple demo, this was one of the most fun games showcased, even if the A.I. does cheat (how else could I lose two straight games without scoring a point?). After playing more of the shorter demos, golf, baseball, etc. I made my way to the real games of the console.There were plenty, and I had difficulty deciding which to hit up first, I went with Sonic Wildfire, since the line seemed the shortest out of all of them, then made my way to Super Mario Galaxy, then Wario Ware, Red Steel, then I hit The Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess. Also, let me note that Nintendo has some of the most helpful booth babes out of any company at E3, whenever somebody would get stuck the Nin-babes would be there to rescue them from embarassment amongst peers. Out of all of the games I played for the Nintendo Wii I was not dissapointed by a single one. Every game played very well and used the unique controller to create a gaming experience that had never been seen before. Anyone with doubts will be very pleased once getting their hands on the console.When all of the excitement, games, babes, and mime strangling was over, it was time for my day to come to a close. With a melancholy look on my face I slowly exited the Nintendo booth and set off for the exit. Amongst everything I had seen at E3, nothing excited me more, or amazed me more than the Nintendo Wii so leaving was a very depressing moment. Making my way back to the hotel the thoughts of Wii were still resonating in my mind.I haven’t been as excited for a console since the age of five, after a hands-on with the console I can honestly say that the Wii will revolutionize the way games are played, and for the better. Any questions of graphics or power can be put to rest as the games looked fantastic, and played even better. Congratulations Nintendo, you just knocked this one out of the park.


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