E3: Portal: Still Alive announced, quickly unannounced

Portal Buried at the end of a Microsoft press conference prep video was a sly, and vague little announcement. Microsoft Community Manager Chris Paladino tells us that among a ton of other blockbuster games, Microsoft will also be unveiling "Portal: Still Alive."

He says that it will not only continue the "great single player experience" of the original but will also be introducing a new "Challenge Mode." The funny thing about this "announcement" is that the video disappeared as fast as it was put up.

The video looked back on E3 talking about how Cliff Bleszinski talked about Gears of War 2 and such. Clearly someone made a mistake and put up the wrong video. (Much to the enjoyment of GamerNode for picking this story up before they had the chance to greedily take it away from us again.)

The subtitle "Still Alive" kind of makes one think that it is a sequel. However, the game is to be released on Xbox Live. Also take into account that they are introducing "a new challenge mode." Now I don’t really have any evidence to support this, but wouldn’t it just be SO like Microsoft to repackage a legendary game with a tiny improvement and then sell it back to us again?

Expect more details at the Microsoft press conference gets underway.


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