E3 – WoW's New Race

World of Warcraft is undoubtedly the most popular MMORPG to date, gaining millions of subscribers and stealing the life,s of countless gamers. It is no surprise that the anticipation for the game,s first expansion, The Burning Crusade, is through the roof. Blizzard decided to release only half of the details for the game when it was first announced, leaving the rest to be revealed at a later date, or in this case duringE3 2006.

It has been common knowledge that one of the two new races in The Burning Crusade will be a Blood Elf. Today I discovered the Draenei, the second of the two new races. The Draenei are an uncorrupted race that share a lineage with the Eredar, another race that has a large role in The Burning Crusade. Opposite of the Eredar, the Draenei have aligned themselves to all that is good.

Upon arriving to Blizzard,s Warcraft booth, I feasted my eyes on a large life-like statue displaying the detail and complex designs of the new race. There were about 40 computers occupied with gamers just waiting to get a feel for what the Dranejei are like to play as. Just like any other Warcraft race, the all-new Dranejei are a unique race, carrying with them their own abilities, phrases, and class availability. Which brings me to explain exactly what classes will be offered to the new race. Dranejei will be seen in Azeroth as Warriors, Hunters, Mages, Priests and Paladins.

One last thing -when I asked the representative about the new expansion being released for the Xbox 360 he replied, “If someone knows something about that, then they sure know more than I do.” He went on to say that the World of Warcraft games will not be released for anything besides PC and Mac.


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