EA favoring 360 games over PS3 games is strictly business

ealogoWhen games are released then ported to another platform later on, you can usually expect extra tweaking or features in the ported version. In the case of Electronic Arts, however, prioritizing Xbox 360 games over PlayStation 3 titles is a necessary move — for financial reasons.

Over in this New York Times blog Jeff Brown, EA’s spokesman for the ordeal, explains that the reason EA releases 360 games before PS3 games is because, "…it makes financial sense… because there are more 360s in the market than PS3s. More consoles means more potential sales of EA."

Brown also points out that during the last generation of consoles, PS2 games were prioritized over Xbox games, so it’s really nothing new. Well, it makes sense, but in EA’s case I guess they should focus on actually completing a game’s development before releasing it in the first place. They should also continue supporting games after they’re released them, rather than just axe online support after a year. But hey, I’m not the man making these important decisions.


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