Eagle Eye Converter Review

Eagle Eye Converter

For many gamers, the Eagle eye converter for the PlayStation 3 will be of little interest due to the impractically of a mouse and keyboard as compared to a traditional console controller, but for a select group, this specialty device is nearly indispensable.

The Eagle Eye converter serves the very simple purpose of allowing players to plug a standard USB keyboard and mouse into the PS3 in place of a Dual Shock 3, automatically mapping the mouse’s movements to the right analog stick and leaving the rest entirely configurable, including up to four macro functions. The device plugs into one of the PS3’s USB slots with a very lengthy, 12-foot cord, and has two ports of its own, labeled for the keyboard and mouse. It also has toggle switches to turn on the turbo option for any of the controller’s non-directional buttons.

Unfortunately, players must connect to a computer and use the accompanying software to set their keys, so if something doesn’t feel just right during play, fixing it is more of a process than simply accessing an options screen. Switching games can be a time-consuming affair, too, as controls infrequently match up between games. Mouse sensitivity and deadzone, along with the aforementioned turbo options, are adjustable on the fly, and the device does save two separate key configurations in an attempt to lessen one’s time away from the PS3, but in practice, many visits to the computer will surely be made.

Eagle Eye Converter

Where the Eagle Eye Converter shines is in its in-game performance, particularly with games demanding high precision with the right analog stick. The broad range of movement possible with a mouse translates very well and gives players a level of accuracy impossible with the analog stick alone. First-person shooters reap the greatest benefits; when playing these games with the Eagle Eye, scoring head shots is a breeze, picking off those who are in partial cover presents little difficulty, and laying down enemies in general is simply easy compared to doing the same with a traditional controller, especially as hostile numbers increase. After using the Eagle Eye to play first-person shooters, I’m convinced that it’s the only way to do so, and I don’t look forward to playing with the standard dual-analog setup of traditional console controllers again.

At $59.99, the price of a new PS3 release, players will have to determine whether the increased proficiency in their first-person shooters is worth the cost. For those who can’t come to grips with the Dual Shock 3, such as PC players making the migration to console or less skilled players wanting to level the field with so many well practiced multiplayer competitors, the Eagle Eye Converter may be just the ticket to better enjoy (or better dominate) an entire genre.


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