eBayer finds a BIG surprise with his PS2

surprisePeople who use eBay know the risks involved in bidding for items that they want. You never know just what you may get after you win the bid. In one particular case, a 16-year-old boy in the UK got something more than he’d ever bargained for.

He won a bid to purchase a PlayStation 2 for about 95 GBP (about $195 US) plus two games. However, when he received the package, he thought he had been swindled. All he found was the PS2 without the advertised games.

But what he did find instead was a box crammed full of money. How much money? Oh, let’s just say it was more than the PS2…about 44,000 GPB (over $95,000 US.)

(Not a bad trade off for the missing games, eh?)

At the moment, police authorities are holding the cash under the Proceeds of Crime Act while they are investigating the matter. The boy’s parents immediately notified the authorities after noticing the large stash of cash.

If no one claims the cash within a certain period of time, the money belongs to the 16-year-old.

EBay responded, "We know that eBay is a great place to pick up a bargain, although, we agree that the contents of the parcel were somewhat unusual and we will assist with any inquiries the police may wish to make."

If the PS2 enthusiast gets to keep the money he’ll be able to buy not only some more PS2 games, but probably every other game console on the market today.

Lucky guy! (If he gets to keep the money, that is…)

[via BBC]


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