El Paso police lure criminals with free Xbox 360

handcuffsThe El Paso Times reported on a successful line of police stings that led to 115 arrests on Monday. From November 5-9, a warrant roundup took place by El Paso police and they used promises of prizes including a television and an Xbox 360 to lure criminals over. When they showed up to claim their winnings, they were rewarded instead with a free vacation to jail.

In addition to 129 warrants being cleared, El Paso picked up over $25,000 in traffic fines. The warrants served included drug charges, illegal entry charges and violent crimes.

Police chief Richard Wiles said, "We are very pleased with this operation. This is the kind of operation that really benefits the community of El Paso. I think it is important for the citizens of El Paso to know what the Police Department is doing and what the U.S. Marshal’s Office is doing because we do take these outstanding warrants very seriously and we want to put the resources into getting these people behind bars."

Interestingly enough, Wiles said the El Paso police tried traditional arrest methods, such as going to the person’s house to make an arrest, but they didn’t work. Like I always say, people like free things, so why nab the criminals this way. Anyone else interested in a study to see which of the three consoles would result in the most successful arrests?


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