Epic's Rein Blames Intel for PC Gaming Woe

Epic Games CEO Mark Rein, known for his controversial comments about the game industry, has reined himself in (HA!) and actually offered words of praise to a segment of the industry-Microsoft. On previous tirades by Reins, he accused Intel for the downfall of PC gaming because of its integrated graphics chips, which are incapable of playing today,s PC games, and thus killing the market. In an interview conducted with EGTV, Rein also said that another factor in the failing PC market was due to the lack of sufficient support from the retail sector-or in other worlds, retailers are pushing console games because they sell more of them.

But his words of derision were absent for the Big M. Rein believes that Microsoft is doing all it can to help put PC gaming at the forefront of gamer’s consciousness. "I really like that Microsoft’s going to help brand Games for Windows, help push that and help clean up the retail space which is just a complete mess here in North America. It’s really sad how little facings PC gaming is getting – so I think that there will be a renaissance of PC gaming."

Rein continued on a familiar tack and lambasted the practice of placing integrated graphics chipsets into computers that are horribly substandard in their capacity to run PC game software. He said, “The problem is it’s very hard to take a game that’s designed for PS3 and Xbox 360 – where the big money is now – and make it run on a [PC] graphics card that isn’t capable of rendering even what a third of what those things do.”

He attacked Intel on the quality of their integrated graphics chips. "Intel integrated graphics are well below the minimum bar if you’re going to play next-generation games. When you take a laptop and put in Intel integrated, there’s no taking it out and putting something else in. The person who relies on that computer for the next two years is out of gaming, we’ve lost them as a customer. And that’s inexcusable."

Rein wasn,t all criticism and offered his take on how to revive the PC game industry by stating, "We need a larger market to sell to. A lot of this is educating users and educating the manufacturers to build systems that are a little more balanced."


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