Estimated Xbox 360 failure rate at 33%?

xboxskullWe’ve seen the dreaded reports of failing Xbox 360s or the infamous red lights.

While Microsoft has attempted to downplay the Xbox 360 failure rate and said it’s within three to five percent, consumer reports are reporting a much higher rate.

DailyTech sent out polls to a variety of retail outlets that sell the console in attempt to discover the estimated failure rate from returned and defective consoles.


After some number crunching, the figure is actually around 30 to 33 percent.

A former EBGames employee said, "The real numbers were between 30 to 33 percent. We had 35 Xbox 360s at launch I know more than half of them broke within the first six months (red lights or making circles under the game discs). Two of them were dead on arrival."

While Microsoft has addressed the initial shipment of Xbox 360s with an extended warranty and offering free repairs for any Xbox 360 manufactured in 2005, the estimate failure rate is still alarming. Even console repair companies aren’t taking anymore Xbox 360s because there’s simply too many to fix up.


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