Europe to see Wii price drop

Run On BankPrice drops eh? People love price drops. Remember when Sony announced the PS3 was dropping from an overpriced 600 dollars to a slightly less overpriced 500 dollars? Everyone had to have one. It was like that scene from "It’s a Wonderful Life" where everyone starts demanding their money.

There are an abundance of rumors claiming that Europe may see a Wii price drop soon. Currently the Wii retails for €249 ($391) which is higher than the Xbox 360 Arcade at the moment sitting on shelves and collecting dust at €199. The rumors claim that the Wii could fall to as low as €149 ($234) making it the lowest price current generation console once again.

Nintendo dropping their price in Europe wouldn’t surprise me too much. The technology inside their system costs the least so by that logic their system should cost the least. A hundred Euro price drop is a lot though. That’s 40%. That’s gigantic.

Europe has always been the ones who get screwed with higher pricing on everything. This price drop will actually bring the Wii slightly lower than the price in America, so that’s great. Perhaps the days of European markups are over. Now if developers can just do something about the games costing nearly 100 dollars each…


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