Expect the next, next gen in three to four years

PS4 Xbox 720It seems that enough time has passed now to call the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii "present" generation game consoles. Infinity Ward president, Grant Collier, says that he expects the next crop of new gen game machines to hit in the not so distant future.

PS4, Wii2 or Xbox 720 anyone?

Collier made reference to Call of Duty 4 and how amazing the graphics look but how the paradigm has shifted so quickly.

"When the games first started coming out I remember thinking, ‘oh my gosh, they look so realistic, they can’t possibly get more lifelike than this’ …but then if you look at the games coming out now the photorealistic quality of them is so much higher that I’m kind of amazed."

But he thinks that in spite of the awe inspiring progress of today’s present gen game consoles, they’ll probably be up for replacement in only a few years time. "I definitely think we have another three or four years left in this cycle, with people making games for the next-gen platforms."

As far as present gen consoles, he said that his company had no problems in programming the PS3.

"We haven’t had any problems [with PS3] and that’s probably because of our development philosophy. We develop content-agnostic so we don’t have a lead platform. We have a team working on each of the different versions and everyone else forms a team who makes the content platform agnostic."

Is a four year turn-around too quick? The PS2 is seven years old and is still going strong. The original Xbox and GameCube were released in 2001 and have been retired. It maybe a safe bet to say that whoever’s present gen game console is the biggest hit will probably past the four year cycle.

So far, the betting line seems to be favoring the 360 and Wii, with the PS3 as a long shot.

[via nextgen.biz]


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