Factor 5 and fans want more Rogue Squadron

roguesquadronDespite a less-than-stellar debut, Lair has been successful in generating quite a lot of buzz for developer Factor 5 in unexpected ways lately. Case-in-point, fans and even Factor 5 themselves would like another Star Wars: Rogue Squadron game.

Just the thought of zipping around the galaxy in an X-Wing again makes me pretty giddy, but the plans are nothing more than favored thoughts

In an interview with Games Radar, Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht talked about the possibility of another Rogue Squadron game. He also talked about that he wouldn’t do the game in HD, nor with any motion-sensing.

"I would go back to another Rogue Squadron in the Classic Star Wars universe. I still can’t relate much to the new trilogy, so LucasArts can keep that. But, yeah, if it would be Classic and if we could find a new hook…"

"It can’t be just to redo it in HD. The Star Wars universe being relatively grey was actually represented really well last-gen already and so I don’t think the HD step would be a huge jump forward. It would be much more about gameplay. What would probably excite me the most in Star Wars at this point is probably the lightsaber with motion control, things like that. But that wouldn’t be Rogue Squadron."

While this might not seem much, it’s still a flash of hope. But it may be on the back-burner, since Factor 5 is beginning development on a few projects after Lair.


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