Fallout 3's world 50-80% the size of Oblivion

Fallout 3Is bigger always better? Not according to Bethesda spokesperson Pete Hines, who has revealed in a recent interview that the world of Fallout 3 will be anywhere from 50 to 80 percent the size of Oblivion’s sprawling countryside.

I guess the folks over at Bethesda caught wind of the popular belief that quality is greater than quantity, and decided to pack more ‘stuff’ into a smaller space this time around. This isn’t bad news at all, because some of the only gripes about Oblivion had to do with the amount of time spent traveling.

Besides those complaints, it stands to reason that Fallout’s world would be represented in little more than half the space of Oblivion’s (which is still HUGE, mind you), because Fallout takes place in mostly urban centers. In that type of setting, there is more infrastructure per square acre than in a medieval fantasy-themed world.

What’s your take on this news, GN faithful? Is anybody worried that Bethesda is slacking? Am I just defending them because I hope Fallout 3 will be an incredible experience, or does the Fallout 3 universe not require the same expanse as the land of Tamriel?


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