FCC slaps Comcast for capping Internet usage

comcastComcast, an Internet service provider, announced recently that it was going to set a cap limit on home subscribers to 250GB a month starting on September 5.

That’s a pretty good amount of downloadable content for most, but if you are a heavy duty gamer and like to download lots of movies and media, that 250GB cap starts to look a little small.

But never fear the FCC is here. The government agency determined that the Comcast policy was "legally inappropriate and its findings were not justified by the record."

The FCC went on to say that the new policies were "discriminatory and arbitrary" and that the Comcast move was to "contravene industry standards and have significantly impeded Internet users’ ability to use applications and access content of their choice."

Comcast is fighting the decision by the FCC and claims that they are not guilty of stopping anyone from using the Internet but just delaying its usage for people.

Internet service providers are watching this case closely because if Comcast is successful, the other service providers will gladly jump on the bandwagon and start charging for different usage levels in order to pull a few more bucks out of our pockets.

[via fudzilla]


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