Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

For Final Fantasy fans there’s nothing better than sitting down at your favorite game platform of choice and going deep on an adventure in the Final Fantasy universe. For those who own a Nintendo DS there is great news — Square Enix is producing Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings for the handheld console.

In this latest installment of the popular franchise, the story takes place one year after the events of Final Fantasy XII. The hero of the last episode, Vaan, reappears in the DS version. Vaan continues his adventure as a sky pirate along with his close friend, Penelo. They go on their treasure hunting adventures and land in the sky continent of Lemures, which is inhabited by an unusual winged race of people. In his quest Vaan defends the people of Lemures from marauders who try to take over their land.

Revenant Wings’ battle system differs somewhat from the other final fantasy games in that it incorporates some RTS elements in the gameplay rather than the traditional way of turn-based fighting. Of course the DS touch screen will come into play as you’ll be able to control and move your characters around by using the stylus.

Unlike the other Final Fantasy titles, the DS version will play in short bites or episodes rather than the long continuous storyline fans are used to. The story moves along at a pretty fast clip, by Final Fantasy standards and will be comprised of missions which will unveil the plot of this adventure.

Features to expect from this new iteration of Final Fantasy will be the ability to pick and choose from over 50 summons powers, elaborate CG movies that will display across both screens, the ability to use the stylus in controlling large armies and special attacks and the reintroduction of some of the most well-liked characters in Final Fantasy XII.

So if you’re a big time Final Fantasy fan and would like to continue the adventure of the last episode, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings looks to be an excellent addition for your FF library.


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