Final Fantasy XIII Delayed till 2010?

FFXIIIFirst off, this is just a rumor and nothing more, but still a scary one at that. Milling about the interwebz is a nasty tidibit of speculation that Final Fantasy XIII could potentially not hit the PlayStation 3 until 2010.

This opinion comes from a Japanese news trader site called Trader’s Web, but the reasons behind this timeline theory is never fully explained.

Instead all we have to go on, at the moment, is Square’s recently denial that FFXIII would be launched in 2008. With MGS4 on the horizon and Killzone 2 potentially around the corner it is easy to see why Square would hold out until 2009 at the latest.

Sony would obviously want another game to keep the momentum going, and FFXIII could hit (in 2010) when there is very little competition for gamer’s dollars (unless GOW3 is revealed at E3 this year, which it will be).

But still, 2010? Might as well make it 2100, because it will feel like an eternity if Square pulls another FFXII fiasco. As one of your biggest fan’s Square, and I’m sure everyone is with me on this one, release it in 2008-2009.

[Via Kotaku ]


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