FIVE reasons why the PS3 is COOL

pseE3The Playstation 3 has been harshly criticized by nearly everybody in the gaming industry.

I have come here today to praise the PS3, not to bury it and give you five reasons why it rocks.

#1– It has a Blu-ray Disc player. By next Christmas, Blu-ray Disc technology will start to surpass DVDs as the new home movie watching video technology. At their current price, usually running at around $1,000 each, the PS3 is a steal. You will need a high definition TV though, which will put you back a few grand.

#2– PS3 has just as much graphical power as the 360, if not more. Game developers just have to become more acquainted with the hardware. I can’t wait to see what Resistance: Fall of Man 2 will look like.

#3Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Need I say more? (Resistance and NFS Carbon weren’t too shabby either. — ed.)

#4– It’s a good excuse to convince your wife, parents, etc. to buy you an HDTV. (It really works. I tried it and now own a HDTV. — ed.)

#5– The Sixaxis controller is motion sensitive, lightweight, wireless, and sleek in design. Perfect for any hardcore gamer. Your old PS2 and PS1 games will work on the PS3 as well.


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