Folklore coming to PSP

FolkloreFolklore looks pretty awesome doesn’t it? It’s gorgeous, and it combines that with the monster collecting addiction found in games like Pokemon. Too bad it’s on PS3 where all of us with monetary constraints can’t touch it. We can’t touch it right?

Wrong. As it turns out, according to Kikizo, Sony’s Bill Ritch has told them that Shin Megami Tensei creator Kouji Okada is currently putting his full effort towards a PSP version of the game.

Details on the title are scant to say the least. For all we know it could be either a direct port or a completely different game.

It is likely however, that talent and experience like Kouji Okada’s would not be put to use directing a straight port of someone else’s ideas. So my money is on a different experience fit into the same universe and overall stylings.

After all, competing with Pokemon in the handheld monster collection genre is a fool’s errand to say the least. I’m betting they’ll walk another path, or be different enough that no one will notice the connection.


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