Force unleashed or Force delayed?

rumor This console generation will be known as the generation of the delayed games. I need everyone get their lists and chalk up another one in the delay column.

Lucas Arts has not announced today that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has gotten pushed back from April. Nope. Not Lucas Arts. Five other sites, however, indicate three separate release dates, none of which are April.

IGN was the first to break the news in February during their GDC progress report. There was no fanfare, no "zomg delayzorz" article, just a sentence that ended with "once August rolls around." I thought nothing of it. There had been no official word that the game was pushed back, so I still had my thumbs prepared for April.

Well, not so much anymore. Destructoid has jumped on the August bandwagon and that got me to digging around a little. I would have remembered an official announcement of Force Unleashed being delayed. I have been looking forward to it since the initial tech demo and I know it is the only thing that will keep my sanity during the GTA release.

My digging led me to Gamer Vision. They claim inside sources informed them that Force Unleashed will be releasing in September. A quick check over at GameStop confirms that, claiming September 9th. September? That’s not April at all. Now we’re entering into holiday season territory. It could slip to November and be released the week of Black Friday at this point.

In desperate need of a tie breaker I went to old reliable: Amazon has this amazing ability to know when things are going to be released even when there is no way of knowing. Amazon always knows. predicts July 29th. That doesn’t help me at all.

So we have three conflicting release dates. They all indicate one thing, however. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is not coming out next month and George Lucas has some explaining to do.


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