Game-Boy Style Drug Testing

By Mark Woodward, GN Writer Thursday, November 24, 2005 In Australia, when you’re pulled over by the police for possible "driving under the influence", you’re asked to blow into a bag and if the reading is above .05, you’re off to the hospital for a blood test. In new rules being tested here over the past twelve months, a simple plastic scraper, ran across your tongue, will also check you for driving whilst under the influence of drugs. Seems scientific enough and we appear to be using technology and science to keep our roads safe. In England however, they’ve taken another tact. In news from across the waters, Police may soon be testing for drugs by making you play a Game-Boy style handheld. Scientists are currently developing the device which drivers will ‘play’ when suspected of driving under the influence of drugs like cocaine or speed. By playing specific tests, designed to analyse manual dexterity and mental alertness, the driver has to complete the games with a specific score. Anything below the standard score will win them a free trip to a blood test! Although not in production yet and clinical testing only beginning next year, six of the game/tests are already under development, three of which will be used on the devices’ first run. So if you live in England, I’d brush up on my bubble bobble or Tetris skills if I were you!


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