Game exploit in Fable II Pub Games is a "trap"

trapThe Xbox 360 title, Fable II Pub Games, allows you to gamble in three casino-type games; Spinnerbox, Keystone, and Fortune’s Tower. You try to win, and if you do, you can transfer gold and items to your character in Fable II.

However, some gamers have found an exploit in Pub Games and have been happily raking in the gold and goodies by cheating.

It looks like Peter Molyneux, boss at Lionhead Studios, will have the last laugh on the cheaters. Apparently, Molyneux knew all about the exploit in the game, but decided to purposely leave it in. Why? He said that it was done as a "social project."

The social experiment, it seems, may have some consequences for those who took advantage of the exploit. Molyneux was somewhat silent about what he would do, but it has been reported that he definitely has something in store for cheaters.

What this could be is anyone’s guess. But if he decides to retaliate against the cheaters, there will be a lot of moaning and groaning for those who purchased Pub Games and took advantage of the exploit to easy riches.

[via loot-ninja]


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