GameFly Swats Customers for Damaged Xbox 360 Game Disks

Reports have been trickling in from around the country about the Xbox 360 having a defect in which game disks are scratched by the machine. The damage renders the game disk unplayable. The possibility for a scratched disk is increased if the 360 is moved from either its horizontal or vertical positions. Websites have documented the occurrences with video. GameFly, a game rental mail service has evidently decided that the problem is no longer a rumor, but is in fact, a reality. GameFly will be sending out notices to all their customers who have returned damaged Xbox 360 game disks, according to a report by Gameasutra. The Gamefly statement says, "We have received reports that certain XBOX 360 consoles have caused damage to GameFly videogames. Unfortunately, we have been notified that you recently returned a damaged XBOX 360 game. As a precaution, we have removed all XBOX 360 games from your GameQ. Please contact Microsoft at 1-800-4MY-XBOX. Please do not rent XBOX 360 games until you have resolved this issue. In the future, should GameFly receive XBOX 360 games from you that have been damaged, you will be charged a replacement fee." So in other words, even if it wasn,t your fault and your 360 ate a disk, GameFly will not let you rent any 360 games until “you have resolved this issue.” And how do you do that? You have to contact Microsoft. Good luck, bud. You,ll need it. To add insult to injury, if your Xbox 360 somehow gets fixed, but still eats a disk, you,ll be charged a replacement fee. I don,t know about you, but that pretty much settles it for a lot of Xbox 360 owners… they won,t take the chance and rent from GameFly.


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