Gamer claims GTA IV installation crashes PS3/360

gta flamesAccording to an early report from, one gamer who bought his edition of GTA IV found that there were installation problems with the game. He claims that his game froze while trying to install it and has raised questions on whether the released game is stable or not.

Other forum members report no problems with the game although "MattG" says that he has heard of similar problems occurring on the Xbox 360 as well. He has resorted to contacting GameStop, where he purchased his game, and will be bringing his copy back for an exchange.

If the report is true, it is possible that it may be faulty media instead of a problem with the hardware. We’ll keep you informed. The post by MattG is shown as it appeared on

"Alright, so I got home from the midnight release with my copy of GTA IV Collectors Edition unpacked it live on the feed installed and guess what, it froze! I tried a couple more times and it even have reinstalled 3 times, it still keeps freezing. I am not alone, from the looks of it, it is the 60 GB Launch PS3 that is having the problems and might be just the Collectors Edition of GTA IV. Jeffrey Tavares has the regular edition and a launch PS3 and is now running the Live Feed. I will keep everyone up to date as much as possible!

"UPDATE: It looks like there are multiple assumptions. First off it is not only the Collectors Edition, so far though I have only heard of 60 GB version freezing. Although thing which is the latest I have heard from Tech Support is that it may be a Shotty Batch of games that have been sent to GameStop. If you are having this problem and did not get at Gamestop Please let Tech Support know at the following Number(s) America: 1-866-405-5464 or Canada: 1-800-269-5721

"UPDATE2: It is not just 60 GB Launch PS3s, I know 60 GB PS3s that are not launch and launch 20GB PS3s having the problem. I have just attempted a quick format (full one takes 3 1/2 hours so not trying) and installing GTA IV Again will update once I know something!”

"UPDATE3: So the Quick Format did not work, and it is not only the PS3 having these problems it appears. I am also finding reports of Xbox 360’s having Lock up issues. I do not know if it is wide spread or even related to the Playstation Issues. I am currently re-installing GTA IV for the 5th time this time after a Quick System Restore in which it erased the Hard Drive and reset all the default system settings. As soon as I know more I will update.

"UPDATE4: Well the quick system restore didn’t do anything. I had all the extras disabled and didn’t help one bit. All I can suggest currently is to call where you got your game first thing when they open and tell them to give you another copy to try. Good Luck to all!

"UPDATE5: I have now gotten a couple hours of sleep tonight and just got off the phone with GameStop. He said that I could just bring in the game case (since I bought the collectors edition) and he will swap it out with the regular one since the game is the same, you just got the extras. I cannot head there till around noon so I will update everyone once I get the new one and I know if it works."

For all of you out there who have purchased your GTA IV game, have any of you experienced the problems described by MattG?


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