GamerNode Predicts The #PlayStation2013 Event

PlayStation Event on February 20

The excitement is growing for Sony’s #PlayStation2013 meeting in a few hours, and everyone is wondering just what Sony has up their sleeves. The staff at GamerNode has plenty of ideas, and I’ve gathered the predictions of some staff members to present to you right here. Do you agree or disagree? What do you expect from the show? Let us know in the comments, and enjoy #PlayStation2013!

– Mike Murphy, Senior Editor

The reports about the PS4’s pricing announcement I feel are going to be legit. Sony has hopefully learned from overpricing the PS3 and will offer two different PS4’s of different hard drive sizes. I’m expecting the cheaper to be around $400-$450, with the more expensive one at around $500-$550, keeping under the dreaded $600 price.

As far as the actual hardware goes, I really don’t have much to predict regarding graphics, as I’m bad at knowing what type of cards are good off-hand. 8GB of RAM should be a given. I’m expecting a hexa-core processor for some serious punch and longevity, though wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a quad-core instead (and I can dream about an octa-core, right?). The controller will likely be exactly like that leaked photo showed, hopefully a little less thick though. Nothing wrong with that either, as the DualShock style has been a great controller for over a decade and any drastic changes could radically alter Sony’s edge on the fighting game market.

As far as features, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony does the same thing as is rumored with the 360 and do an always-on Internet system to keep people from purchasing used games, which is a complete buzzkill. But, wouldn’t it be excellent if Sony didn’t and Microsoft still did?! Talk about having a huge advantage over your competition. I’m sure GameStop would be grateful. The budget gamer in me says Sony will do the latter and leave Microsoft in a very awkward position.

I’m also expecting some sort of expansions to PlayStation Network. The online system has come a long way thanks to the inclusion of Plus, and it can rival or even overtake Xbox LIVE with the right improvements. I’m predicting players finally get cross-game voice chat and some sort of party system, the ability to watch your friends play their games, and with that second one in mind, more friendliness to the streaming and in-game recording communities.

And finally, I’m expecting to see some game announcements with perhaps one or two demos. I’m expecting Watch_Dogs to make an appearance, for Naughty Dog to announce the existence of Uncharted 4, and the reveal of a new IP exclusive to the PS4.

Shuhei Yoshida tells 1UP that progress for The Last Guradian is slow.

– Eddie Inzauto, Editor-in-Chief

If we’re assuming that the PlayStation 4 is announced (which the leaked venue of the elegant, immense, and reserved-for-important-stuff Hammerstein Ballroom would suggest), then the thing will come stacked with 8GB of RAM, and, having learned from the Cell Processor, will feature CPU architecture that is incredibly developer-friendly, making a clear and direct effort to get third parties developing on the system sooner rather than later. In fact, Sony will announce early partnerships with at least one surprising developer. (Hint: It WON’T be Nintendo)

The controller will look just like the previous DualShock controllers – one place where Sony doesn’t shake things up much – but will feature a touch pad to unify their handheld (Vita) and console (PS4) play experiences even further. The controller may or may not include PS Move capability, and if it does, the function will be switched on and off manually, and on a game-by-game basis. It’s possible that Sony will develop two separate controllers at different price points: the DualShock 4 and the DualShock Move. In any case, the analog sticks will be much improved, with concave surfaces, and added resistance to player input, for a less “floaty” feeling.

Finally: The Last Guardian will be completely finished and they’ll give me a copy. The End.

– Dan Crabtree, Managing Editor

PS4 is a $400 wand that wirelessly streams to TVs with wizard magic. Launch games are Harry Potter and the Ten Ghost Farts, Twilight: Breaking Wind, and Uncharted: Drake Toots A Bunch. Media loves it, elects the PS4 President of the US. Step 3: profit.

This is what you were looking for, right J?

 Anthony Labella, Associate Editor

Sony will reveal that the PlayStation 4 is coming out in November, as some reports have already indicated. I expect two different models for different hard drive sizes, and the price range will probably be around $450-$550. I also think those pictures of the new controller we’ve seen will be largely accurate, with the small touchscreen and possibly Move technology as well.

This next prediction might be a bit out there on my part, but I think Sony could announce some kind of PS4/Vita bundle in addition to an overall price drop for the portable in the US.

As far as games go, I think we’ll see announcements for the next Uncharted title, Killzone 4, and a brand new IP. The Last Guardian makes an appearance as well, only now it is a PS4 launch title. There will also be some third-party releases mentioned, including Bungie’s Destiny.


– Jason Fanelli, Senior Editor

Sony has been very careful in calling this “the future of PlayStation,” so I’m predicting more than just the megaton PS4 reveal.

First will be Vita, which may show off some new games like Soul Sacrifice and Warrior’s Lair, but the big news will be a price drop to $189 for both Wi-Fi and 3G models, mirroring Japan’s single price point. Critics will say “big deal, but where’s the games?”, but they will come in due time.

Next will be upcoming PS3 games, as I expect a new trailer for The Last of Us and concrete launch details for Beyond: Two Souls. There may be some more, but not a lot of time will be spent on current stuff.

Finally, the big one: the PlayStation Orbis will be officially revealed. The fourth in the PlayStation line of home consoles will ditch the number convention, due to the superstition surrounding the number four in Japan. Specs will include the aforementioned 8GB of RAM and quad-core processor, as well as the new PlayStation World, which will fuse PlayStation Home and PlayStation Plus into one giant interactive social hub. Sony will announce some launch titles, both big-time sequels (I’m hoping for Infamous 3 and Uncharted 4), as well as some brand new IP, including the announcement of Beyond coming to both PS3 AND Orbis. I do NOT expect any third-party announcements for Orbis yet; this is Sony’ show, they’ll have the spotlight.

I expect no mention of Move, aside from maybe it being integrated into the Orbis controller, signaling its demise. Oh, and no Wonderbook. Please Lord no Wonderbook.


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  1. Rob Hestar(★♋) February 20, 2013 at 4:00 pm -

    If last Guardian is a ps4 Launch title the ps4 is a day one buy for me!

  2. RR February 20, 2013 at 4:07 pm -

    “- Dan Crabtree, Managing Editor

    PS4 is a $400 wand that wirelessly streams to TVs with wizard magic. Launch games are Harry Potter and the Ten Ghost Farts, Twilight: Breaking Wind, and Uncharted: Drake Toots A Bunch. Media loves it, elects the PS4 Presi
    dent of the US. Step 3: profit. This is what you were looking for, right J?”

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