Gamertag deemed offensive. Gamer stripped of tag

cowsIt’s a sad day for Xbox live members around the world as Xbox Live Ambassador, Cow Moolester, has had his gamer tag stripped away from him–never to appear again on the phosphorescent LCDs and picture tubes of monitors or television sets.

The title of Xbox Ambassador is bestowed upon members of the Live community who have proven themselves to be trusted and reliable citizens. Getting the title of Ambassador means these individuals help to introduce new members to the Xbox Live service and community.

But apparently some individuals on Xbox live reported that the gamertag, Cow Moolester, was offensive to them and Microsoft dictated that the once ingenious gamertag be changed to a dreary and bland Moo Cowlester.

The Xbox Live member formerly known as Cow Moolester said of the incident:

"Sad. Is there anything I can do about this? The messages from people complimenting my gamertag far outweigh those who complain about it (I’ve never received a bad message about my gamertag). To be honest, I find it hard to believe anyone could be offended by the gamertag."

Cow Moolester would have been safe and sound on Xbox Live if it were not for the fact that he was spotlighted and profiled by Trixie, the editor of the forums. When his gamertag was shown, apparently cow rights activist groups mooed in horror and complained about the gamertag as offensive.

Well, I guess my idea of changing my gamertag to Naked Duck Voyeur probably won’t fly on the Xbox Live forums very well.



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