GameSpot Bumps GTA IV Score?

GTA IV buildingGameSpot is still under scrutiny thanks to the ordeal earlier this year regarding Kane and Lynch. It seems like any small hiccup and the gaming community is crying foul against the site. The latest is the slight increase in the GTA IV score from 9.5 to a perfect 10.

First off, this is not a huge change. It is not as if GameSpot originally gave GTA IV an 8.0 and now magically it is a 10. The difference between a 9.5 game and 10 is so small that this shouldn’t raise a single eyebrow in the gaming community.

Secondly, why does everyone assume this is a bump in the score? Why can’t this be explained as a simple database error? These things do happen, and it may have been a glitch in the system that caused the score of GTA IV to be shown incorrectly. One can only imagine the intricate setup GameSpot has running its site. Errors happen.

So don’t all bent out of shape over this minor increase in the score. Based on how GTA IV is scoring a 9.5 or a 10 is worthy of the title. Get over it, and go play the game.

[Via New Level Gaming]

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