GameStop opens up store 5,000

GameStopThere are doubters out there. People doubt Guitar Hero III can beat Rock Band. I doubt the New England Patriots are really that good (I’m trying to just will them to be bad. God I hate the Patriots).

There are doubters for everything, including those who still don’t believe that video games are as popular as they are.

Well, like Brady’s 5 touchdown a game average, GameStop is opening up its 5,000th store in California, which should hush critics. That’s right, GameStop has 5,000 retail stores in the US. The gaming market has become that profitable.

GameStop’s vice chairman and COO Dan DeMateo believes that "with more customers being attracted to the video game category, they will increasingly find a GameStop convenient to them."

Like StarBucks? Are we going to start seeing GameStops within the same block of each other? I don’t think it’ll go that far, but then again, who would have thought a small coffee shop in Seattle would stretch it’s arms to every block of America?


Via [MCV]


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