GameStop VP talks ESRB, AO ratings, and retail

More news about violence in videogames? Sure, why not?

Bob McKenzie, Vice President of GameStop, recently chatted with GamePolitics at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas about the retailer’s policy regarding "Adults Only" games.

Of the ESRB rating system’s effectiveness, he said:

"Being a parent myself… I believe that it is the responsibility of the consumer. But I believe that it is our responsibility as an industry and as a retailer to educate the consumer that there are choices. That these things do mean something; for every game that is rated M, there is a reason that it is. We have put systems in place for any consumers who purchase M rated games, it prompts for an ID [at the point of sale]."

As for the possible sale of AO-rated games in the future:

"I think that it is an opportunity that we would have to look at on a case-by-case [basis]. In this situation, I’m glad that they went back, reworked it, and it will be M rated. I can’t say that we would have supported it at AO, and I can’t say that we won’t.

You don’t know all of the games, and their reasons, whether it’s language or violence or nudity… that is where the consumer needs to know. ‘OK, here are the choices, and do I really want my son or my daughter playing it. Is that OK?’ Obviously it is if the parent buys it for them in the store. We won’t sell it to anyone under 17."

I’ll take that as a maybe???


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