Gaming Going Green?

Gaming Going GreenGoing green seems to be all the rage these days. If it isn’t cars, it’s the houses or movies which are promoting environmental awareness. So why shouldn’t videogames get in on the action?

Enter, A New Beginning, reports Wired, an adventure game where gamers take the role of two heroes trying to save the planet from a global climate disaster.

A New Beginning is set to be unveiled at Leipzig, and employs some unique game design choices. Although it isn’t the use of the now rare adventure game genre, which hasn’t been ranked in the popular circles for the past few years, it is the game’s unique graphics that stands out. Thirty of the characters will be hand drawn, giving the game a different look from most of the next gen titles.

I find it hard to believe though that this game will stick in the next-gen gaming world. In a world of Master Chiefs, Big Daddies, Pokemons, Night Elves, and so much more, it is going to be a very niche group which wants to play A New Beginning.


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