Garry's Mod Goes Retail

Valve,s Half Life 2 engine, affectionately referred to as “Source," brought a new dimension to gaming, by being the first game to use physics as more than just a novelty item for fun. Garry,s Mod, one of the top Half Life 2 mods available on the Internet, tries to bring fun into the game,s engine by giving gamers a sandbox environment to play around with the game,s physics. Garry,s Mod lets you do anything from building forts, to making comics, to even placing characters in compromising positions. If you can dream it, you can probably do it in Garry,s Mod. Up until now, Garry,s Mod has been free to download from the official website, or from any file downloading site. Starting with version 9.1, Garry,s Mod will be available via Steam, for $10USD. That,s right, from here on in, you,ll have to pay for Garry,s Mod. The current version will be available as a free demo that users can try. Half of the proceeds go to Garry, while the rest will go to Valve for server fees. The effect this will have on the popularity of Garry,s Mod remains to be seen. Garry,s Mod joins a long list of games avalible on Steam for a price, including Red Orchestra, Darwinia, and Earth 2160. No release date for Garry,s Mod v9.1 has been announced yet, but at a $10 price, we hope it,ll be the best version yet.


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